Integrative Care Consultations

These appointments bring together broad traditional medical expertise with a Functional Medicine approach to enable you to get to the root cause of persistent medical issues or optimise your health.

Conditions catered for at present include…

  • Health 'MOTs'
  • Adrenal & thyroid problems
  • Digestive disorders including SIBO
  • Sub-optimal sports performance
  • Weight or metabolism concerns
  • Sleep problems
  • Cognitive impairment including Alzheimer's disease
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Chronic pain
  • Low mood & anxiety
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Autoimmune conditions

I offer a thorough medical assessment and key investigations as required to deliver a holistic management plan and follow up based on the four foundations of health: sleeping well, eating well, moving well and managing stress. Sister Jo Clark will support you at the start of your journey with our practice and can do so for as long as required.

My main areas of interest are health optimisation and prevention of chronic disease, adrenal and thyroid dysfunction, chronic fatigue and cognitive impairment but I firmly believe that lifestyle measures can make a significant difference in almost all health problems. That said, my traditional medical background and experience enables me to recognise when more urgent intervention is required and to involve other healthcare professionals or refer appropriately.

How does it work?

After an initial enquiry and a discussion about how we could work together going forward, you will be asked to complete a detailed background history form online, which should be submitted at least 48 hours before the initial consultation. These consultations will last approximately 90 minutes although I may occasionally need to take longer if your circumstances are more complex; during this time we will agree on any investigations and provisional plans will be made for follow-up. Follow-up consultations last approximately 60 minutes.

Following the first appointment, you will be provided with a detailed summary report by email (within 7 days) including an outline management plan. Reports typically incorporate suggested changes to sleep routines, dietary approach, exercise and stress management. Supplements and medication may occasionally be advised.

Our practice nurse and nutrition coach, Sister Jo Clark will provide one initial and one follow up coaching call to ensure you are confident with putting your plan into place. She is then available for further support calls as required. This means that you are not on your own in making some of the significant changes that might be required to achieve optimal health and well-being. Sister Jo works with you remotely over Skype or on the telephone to provide you with suggestions for the practical implementation of your personalised plan. I am also available to answer any detailed clinical queries between appointments by email if required.

The number of follow-up appointments needed varies from patient to patient and depends entirely on your health concerns and goals. If you have any investigations, you will require at least one medical follow-up with me so that the results and implications may be fully explained to you.

It is important to understand that my team and I will not take the place of your General Practitioner, practice nurse or hospital specialist. We advise that all reports and recommendations are shared with your existing healthcare providers.

Phlebotomy (taking blood samples)

Although some blood tests we do can be carried out on a finger prick sample that you can do yourself at home, many of the investigations and tests we use require a venous blood sample. Some of the samples require additional processing which even your GP surgery cannot provide and would normally be done when they arrived at a hospital laboratory. Both myself and Sister Jo are highly skilled in getting needles into the most difficult of veins and we have the equipment (blood centrifuge) necessary to process samples properly before they are posted to the laboratory.

We are also able to offer this as a standalone service to patients having investigations performed through other clinicians either in our main consulting room in Frome, or in patients' own homes (additional fees for travelling will apply).


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