If you’ve found this page, you’ve probably been unwell for some time and desperately want to feel better. You might feel frustrated that you’re not making progress but don’t know where to turn next. Having battled with my own health problems, I know how that feels and am here to help you move forward.

Despite my 15 years as a doctor, it wasn’t until my own injury in 2014 that I really began to understand what it meant to feel broken. I remember being brought to my knees with pain and suddenly realising that I had been made to stop for a reason.

Over the last 5 years I have been on an incredible journey of self-discovery and self-understanding that has allowed me to put the pieces back together with better and stronger glue. It has not been a straightforward or easy path and I still have days where I don’t feel I’ve got the balance quite right, but I now enjoy life again and know that if something doesn’t feel right for me, I have the power to change it.

In my own personal, medical and military experience, I have met and cared for many people who have been broken in many different ways.

Do you:

  • Always feel tired?
  • Struggle with weight loss?
  • Suffer with low mood or anxiety?
  • Experience irritable bowel or digestive symptoms?
  • Take thyroid medication but still lack energy?
  • Fight with chronic pain?
  • Need an in-depth health review 'MOT'?
  • Feel ready for a new approach?

My team and I will take the time to make the difference for you by offering you an Integrative and Functional approach:

  • More time with a doctor (90+ minute initial consultations and 60+ minute follow ups)
  • Support from an experienced nurse and health coach
  • A completely bespoke care plan including diet, exercise, sleep and stress management strategies
  • In-depth investigations to take advantage of the latest advances in genetic and biochemical research
  • Detailed explanations to ensure you understand what’s happening and why
  • Email support between appointments

If after exploring our site you would like find out how we could help you, please get in touch using any of the contact details below, send us a message using our contact form or register for our FREE Health Check - we would be delighted to hear from you!

  • “Dear Ruth, Firstly thanks for a very good meeting last week . I need to tell you that the service you offer is great – I have been looking for something like this for perhaps 5 years or more!”

    March 2018
  • “Hi Ruth, Many thanks for such a comprehensive consultation yesterday. I really appreciate the time you took. This is the first time that I have opened up to a medical professional and acknowledged that I need help.”

    March 2018
  • “Dear Dr Ruth, Thank you for your email and all of the info provided to date. I enjoyed our session on Friday and it was great to understand the areas that required improvement.”

    March 2018
  • “Hi there, Thanks for the session yesterday, it was really interesting and helpful. Thanks again for all you’ve done so far.”

    April 2018
  • "Ruth, many thanks. Very much enjoyed and got value from this morning['s appointment]."

    May 2018
  • "Thank you for taking so much time with me and my husband yesterday. It's one of the best experiences I've had with a doctor :) "

    June 2018
  • "Yesterday was amazing thank you so much… Thank you for giving me hope"

    July 2018
  • "You are, no doubt, the future of healthcare and it is [a shame] that what you do is regarded as an extra, rather than the norm."

    August 2018
  • “Thank you so much for the very comprehensive report…after coming to see you I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from me now that I have professional guidance and a plan and overall I'm feeling a lot better just because of that.”

    October 2018
  • “It was great to see you yesterday. I really appreciate your help and support. I am privileged to have this opportunity, thank you.”

    November 2018
  • “I can’t thank you enough for today, it was so nice to finally feel heard.”

    November 2018
  • “I wish there were more doctors like you.”

    Email from pharmacist, December 2018
  • “She came away from her appointment with Ruth with a feeling of hope for the first time in a very long time.”

    Email from patient’s mother, December 2018
  • “Hi Ruth, Thank you for yesterday. I feel reinvigorated after seeing you. I was putting my jobs before my needs. You are so lovely. Thank you”

    Email from patient, January 2019
  • “Hi Ruth, Thanks for today - it was really beneficial for me in many ways!”

    Email from patient, January 2019
  • “Hi Ruth, Thank you for your email and time last week – it was a very enjoyable and informative meeting.”

    Email from patient, February 2019
  • “Thank you once again for Monday. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you spent the time with me that you did. After all the professionals I have seen over the years, you are the first that I feel genuinely wants to help, and to get to the root of it all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

    Patient email, February 2019
  • “Thank you very much for putting us at ease.”

    Patient note, February 2019
  • “Hi Ruth, thank you so much for Wednesday, we left feeling really positive! Again, I can’t thank you enough for your help, it feels so good to feel listened to!”

    Patient email, March 2019
  • “Thank you, Ruth for taking me on. I was delighted to meet you last week and I hope I can follow your advice and become a worthy patient of yours.”

    Patient email April 2019
  • “Dear Ruth, I wanted to thank you for the consultation yesterday and for being so generous with your time, which I much appreciated. My grateful thanks for your interest and help.”

    Patient email, April 2019
  • “Gosh, Ruth has really great instincts.”

    Patient email comment, May 2019
  • “Dear Ruth, thank you for all you do.”

    Patient email, May 2019

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